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The Office aims to be a pioneer office within and outside the United Arab Emirates and to excel in the practice of lawyers and provide legal services according to the best international standards in addition to provide the best services for the foreign and local investors and partners in the local and international companies to defend the rights and interests of its clients before all courts in the United Arab Emirates of all types and degrees, the commercial and civil cases and collection of debts for banks and companies establishment.


Since its establishment, the Office has distinguished vision arising from genuine values and principles on which the Office had relied in its continuous quest for achieving its goals and indefinite endeavors to develop the same.


Our mission is to work on rooting the principle of professional work and participate actively in the implementation of the same with full success in order to achieve delivering the rights (our clients) as soon as possible and to eliminate all obstacles facing them by providing them with the best legal consultancy.


Consistent and continuous efforts to develop and follow up the legal amendments in various fields in order to secure and provide honest legal advice to our clients and at the same time confirm that we absolutely maintain the confidentiality and interests of our clients. In all what the Office does, we are committed to the ethics of lawyers’ practice in terms of confidentiality, trustworthiness and making the best efforts


We aim to maintain the trust of our clients within and outside the country and maintain continuous contact and always working for securing their comfort and provide them with all legal amendments on time. In addition, we keep our communication with our clients through the best means and modern technologies and ensure that we are always there for them and ready to make the effort and take care of the interests of our clients