An Overview of the United Arab Emirates


A Fruitful and Safe Domain for Foreign Investment


  1. The UAE is considered one of the attractive countries for foreign investment because its laws are characterized by the easiness and simplicity in dealing with local and foreign investors and by not imposing any tax burdens on the investor.


  1. The World Bank and the International Funding Organization have rated the UAE to be within one of the best ten countries in the world which have taken positive steps to mitigate the impacts of the global financial crisis, and the UAE reserved a globally advanced rank in the report of the world economic forum, and it is ranked in the first place on the world level in the field of investment in clean energy.




  1. The central geographical location of the UAE between the markets of Europe and Asia helps in the enhancement of its position on the map of global commercial activities, and the government encourages investors from all over the world and offers them all facilities. The UAE includes several free zones in the various Emirates of the country, which aim to facilitate the investment process and remove obstacles and bureaucratic barriers.



  1. The UAE occupied the first rank as the best country for living in the region of Middle East and north Africa (MENA). The UAE deserved such position due to what it possesses in terms of several facilities for consumers, infrastructure, and the standards or safety and security in an open and tolerant society.


  1. Thanks to the high standard of living and the existence of the most important companies within the UAE, the country attracts the best investors from all nationalities and includes offices for several major multinational companies, including Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, Adidas, BBC, and many other branches of international companies and universities.

Introduction by the Firm’s Owner - Mrs. HebaAlaa Al Deen Mani


  • Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants is an Emirati establishment that is operating in accordance with the prevailing laws of the UAE, and that aims to provide legal services to individuals and local and international organizations, authorities and companies in the UAE. Furthermore, Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants consists of a team of advocates who are competent and experienced in all local and international laws.



  • Thanks to the good and remarkable reputation achieved by the firm on the local and international level as a result of its distinguished performance in service of its clients, the firm was joined, as clients, by the major companies operating in the commercial and economic domain, so that our firm would become one of the largest and most experienced and competent advocacy and legal consultancy firms in the performance and completion of all legal disputes, a thing which imposes a larger burden on the firm, which is to provide best services to join the list of international firms of advocacy and legal consultancies business.


  • Our firm enjoys, with the Grace of God, a high level of reputation and credibility at all courts and all official and unofficial departments, and it has a large network of good relations and it enjoys many advantages that makes it the first pioneering law firm in the UAE.



  • Furthermore, Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants is one of the most important legal establishments operating in the country, and that is being effectively managed and that consists of a successful and highly-competent work team of advocates and legal consultants in all legal specializations.



  • Furthermore, Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants offers services to clients on the local and international level through its office located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where commerce and financial dealings flourish through a complete chain of services provided to local and multinational organizations.



Allah is the owner and granter of all assistance and success ,,,


Firm’s Owner
Heba Alaa Al Deen Mani



The Office aims to be a pioneer office within and outside the United Arab Emirates and to excel in the practice of lawyers and provide legal services according to the best international standards in addition to  provide the best services for the foreign and local investors and partners in the local and international companies to defend the rights and interests of its clients before all courts in the United Arab Emirates of all types and degrees, the commercial and civil cases and collection of debts for banks and companies establishment.


Since its establishment, the Office has distinguished vision arising from genuine values and principles on which the Office had relied in its continuous quest for achieving its goals and indefinite endeavors to develop the same.


Our mission is to work on rooting the principle of professional work and participate actively in the implementation of the same with full success in order to achieve delivering the rights (our clients) as soon as possible and to eliminate all obstacles facing them by providing them with the best legal consultancy.


Consistent and continuous efforts to develop and follow up the legal amendments in various fields in order to secure and provide honest legal advice to our clients and at the same time confirm that we absolutely maintain the confidentiality and interests of our clients. In all what the Office does, we are committed to the ethics of lawyers’ practice in terms of confidentiality, trustworthiness and making the best efforts.


We aim to maintain the trust of our clients within and outside the country and maintain continuous contact and always working for securing their comfort and provide them with all legal amendments on time. In addition, we keep our communication with our clients through the best means and modern technologies and ensure that we are always there for them and ready to make the effort and take care of the interests of our clients


We aim to maintain the trust of our clients within and outside the country and maintain continuous contact and always working for securing their comfort and  provide them with all legal amendments on time. In addition, we keep our communication with our clients through the best means and modern technologies and ensure that we are always there for them and ready to make the effort and take care of the interests of our clients



The Legal Services Offered by the Firm


I.  Litigation Section:


The litigation section is well known, by the Grace of God, of its high competency, as we have earned the trust of our clients because we follow the ideal method in the review of law cases, and give special care to our principal, while we also aim to avoid filing cases on behalf of our principal before any court prior to having a dialogue with the rival in attempt to settle the situation amicably, if the principal wishes so, as the highest priority adopted by the firm in is to settle disputes with minimal worries, time and legal intervention. The firm has legal staffs with long experience and sufficient qualification to satisfy our principals.

The legal services offered by our firm include:


  1. Provision of legal support, services and consultancies to individuals, companies and organizations.

  2. Prior preparation of cases being filed by the principal or against the principal in all levels of litigation, in a manner that prepares the principal’s case in the optimum legal form and to enable the principle to face its rival with the necessary defense.

  3. Legal representation of clients at all courts and levels of litigation.

  4. Filing all Sharia, civil, commercial and administrative cases, etc.

  5. Pleading before all courts in all degrees and types and the representation of principals in all civil, commercial and penal cases and all lawsuits of insurance, maritime law, aviation law, commercial transactions, contracting agreements, and the cases arising therefrom.

  6. Representation of clients in international and local cases.

  7. Representation of clients in meetings and discussion sessions to discuss any topic that is related to legal affairs, whether with the management, clients or others, and recording the summary of such meetings.

  8. Implementation of court judgments awarded in favor of the clients through an implementation system that is specialized in all implementation methods and legal accountabilities.

  9. Collection of monies through the section of amicable claims and legal claims, according to a specialized system for the same.


II.     Preparation, Edition and Wording of All Types of Contracts and Agreements:


Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants undertakes the wording of all types of local and international civil, commercial and administrative contracts in Arabic language and in all types of languages.


The firm also undertakes the preparation and wording of all contracts and agreements and the accurate review thereof in a manner that ensures the appropriate of the legal stance of the clients and to provide the legal opinion in relation thereto, correct the legal errors thereof, and avoid all the gaps that might adversely affect the client. Such contracts include, for example:


  1. Sale contracts in all types.

  2. Investment contracts, contracting agreements, and building undertakings.

  3. Contracts for the division of common property and commercial charges.

  4. Bestowal formalities at the competent authorities.

  5. Contracts of deposit, guarding, guarantee and lending.

  6. Wording the terms and conditions of arbitration.

  7. Contracts of barter, loans and reconciliation.

  8. Preparation of specialized contracts in the field of energy and transportation, and environment and infrastructure contracts.


III.    Preparation, Edition and Wording of Companies’ Contracts, and Proceeding in the Incorporation Formalities Thereof:


When you need legal services for the wording of companies contracts and the incorporation thereof, you shall need a legal establishment that you can trust with its local experience and international standards that combine knowledge and practical experience through professional services offered to you thereby. As such, Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultancies is the name that you can trust in the field of wording companies contracts and proceeding in the incorporation formalities thereof. The firm does the following through this service:


  1. The firm undertakes the wording of all contracts of commercial companies in all types, including partnership companies, simple companies, shared companies, limited liability companies, shareholding companies, land transport contracts, brokerage contracts, agricultural relationships contracts, agricultural partnership contracts, and other contracts, in addition to administrative contracts with governmental authorities.

  2. Assisting foreign investors and individuals and representing them in the incorporation of commercial, professional and industrial companies or free zone companies in the country.

  3. Representation of the foreign investor or acting on its behalf in entering as a partner in a company existing in the UAE in accordance with the laws of the country.

  4. Provision of necessary legal assistance in the preparation and submission of the required documents for the incorporation of companies and wording memorandums of association in accordance with the laws, codes and regulations in force in the UAE.

  5. Provision of support and legal advice to companies and organizations that are actually existing and operating within the UAE.

  6. Provision of consultation, technical, engineering and accounting services and the study and preparation of feasibility studies, in cooperation with specialized firms in such fields, in addition to the study of the contacts presented to the client by any party, in order to express the legal opinion therein.


IV.    International Services:


  1. Due to the large number of international companies operating within the UAE in various fields, which may lead to the arise of legal relationship with similar companies in the country or with individuals, Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants provides services in various fields to local and international companies and organizations, such as the representation thereof in the UAE market.

  2. The firm has a great and long period of service in the provision of assistance to foreign companies to be line with the rules, laws and codes of the GCC countries in general, and of the UAE in particular, and also in working on entering agreements and conducting negotiations.

  3. The firm has an international expertise in:


  • The edition of international agreements and the translation thereof in manner free of ambiguity.

  • Consultancies related to investments and international commercial exchange, and the laws applicable thereto, and the incorporation of companies with a foreign element.

  • Finding legal solutions for the establishment of foreign companies or with national partnership in the UAE In cooperation with the European Union countries and the United Kingdom with law firms company in the field of establishing companies in European countries and the United Kingdom

  • Provision of legal assistance through offering legal articles to foreign companies for the inspection thereof and to verify its compatibility to the company’s system.

  • In addition to follow the property and inventory inheritance for Muslims and non-Muslims and foreigners inside the country and abroad.

​V.      Banking, Financing, and Accounting:


  1. Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants has an experience in the field of banks and accounting and through dealing with and undertaking several cases of successful establishments, including banks, accounting firms, insurance companies, financing companies, property management companies, financial companies and brokerage companies, in a manner that reflects the firm’s capability to offer legal expertise in all necessary fields of financial and accounting services.


  1. Furthermore, the firm possesses a high level of expertise in the field of banking disputes and the legal claims arising therefrom in terms of loans, documentary credits, letters of guarantee, and all credit contracts.


  1. The firm also offers banking consultancies and represents banks before courts in all cases being filed by or against such banks.


VI.    Real Estate, Sale, and Brokerage:


  1. Al Khazna International Advocates & Legal Consultants is specialized in the provision of assistance in the field of constructions and the promotion of real estate, properties and commercial deals that are related to real estate within the country.


  1. The firm offers advice and legal guidance to clients in relation to all the regulations and laws in force in the country regarding the construction and investment projects in the country, in service of the interests of the clients and to avoid violating environmental laws and labor and investment laws.


  1. Furthermore, the firm provides legal consultancies to clients regarding the purchase, lease or sale of lands or real estate properties in the country.

VII.   Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents, and Equity Rights:


The firm undertakes the provision of special services to its principals, which include the registration of trademarks, patents, and publication rights, and the provision of advice regarding the problems that might arise in the future and avoiding the same and setting out appropriate solutions therefore, including undertaking the lawsuits related to the disputes arising from trademarks and trade names and the infringement thereof, and also in relation to the consequences and effects of intellectual property rights and patents and to ensure the registration of such rights and the protection thereof from intellectual piracy.


VIII. Labor Disputes:


  1. The firm possesses high expertise in the field of labor disputes in both the public and private sector, and the firm has a long experience in the field of compensation for the accidents arising from work injuries, termination of employment services, edition of labor contracts and the disputes arising therefrom, and the issues related to employees’ salaries, promotion, and labor entitlements cases.


  1. The firm possesses a wealth in the field of legal expertise regarding the issues related to employment and employment benefits. Furthermore, the firm possesses a proven record in the field of legal consultancies offered to companies and employees to receive a fair and appropriate treatment from their employers in relation to their employment status and benefits provided for in their employment contracts.


  1. In return, the firm offers legal consultancies to employers in relation to employment contracts, labor laws, the regulations and instructions, and all the topics related to workforce and employment.



The staff of the office:

Lawyer / Hiba Alaa Aldin Maani – Lawyer and Legal Consultant (the owner of the office)


She obtained her Bachelor Degree in the Legal and Islamic Sharia fields from United Arab Emirates University in 1999. She obtained her Masters Degree of International Business from Paris – Sorbbone University – Abu Dhabi and holds a certificate of an international arbitrator.

She has experience in all courts of the state, primary courts and courts of appeal, the State Security Court, the Federal Supreme Court, the Court of Cassation diplomacy. She has been participated in humanitarian international legal conference and has a high capacity and experience in attending meetings of expertise and discussing the experts and reviews the contracts, also establishing companies.

She has also acquired a wide experience in Business law, especially in creating and following up companies inside the U.A.E. and in its various Free Zones and out of the country.




Mr. Mohammed Mohamed Elmasry

He obtained his Bachelor Degree in the Legal fields from Mansoura University in 1994. He has more than 20 years of experience in the lawyers’ field in Egypt and the Emirate in all the said fields. He is well known for preparing all commercial, civil and criminal memorandums also in preparing all kinds of statements and objections before the courts of appeal and cassation, he has a good experience for preparing all kinds of contracts and experience in arbitration.


Mr. Moataz Ibrahim  Elsakka

He obtained his Bachelor Degree in the Legal fields from Mansoura University in 1999. He worked as a lawyer in Cairo since 2001 and currently he is working in the Office in the United Arab Emirates. He has full experience in criminal, civil and commercial cases and civil status, labor cases, rents cases, compensation cases, insurance companies and labor supply companies.


We have special division for English language for writing and reviewing all kinds of civil and commercial contracts and holding negotiations with third parties about their terms and requirements, legal and arbitration memorandums and otherwise with mastership and professionalism. We also have interpreters for legal terms while holding some meetings in several countries.

Represented by Mrs. / May Hussein Odeh



We have a work team to handle contacts with all clients and it includes:

- Mrs. / Afaf AbdelAziz Hegazy –

Administrative Assistance 

- Miss. / Zaineh Mohammad Matar –

Public Relation



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